Entrance Sign to New Light Cemetery

New Light Congregation maintains a Cemetery in Shaler Township. Congregants receive a 20% discount on grave sites after a two year membership. For information contact Myron Snider or call 412-422-1233.

  • Cost per grave: $700
  • Opening/closing of grave: $950
  • Perpetual Care (mandatory): $775
  • Perpetual care covers the foundation and bed. The monument may be protected by your home owners insurance. Any other planting will incur additional costs.
  • Single Foundation: $400
  • Double Foundation: $550
  • Single Closed Bed: $950
  • Double Closed Bed: $1350

New Light Cemetery

how to find the new light Cemetery

New Light Cemetery

New Light Congregation Cemetery is located at
750 Soose Rd
Pittsburgh, PA 15209,
Shaler Township (Off Rt 8 near Etna, PA) ‎.

In an Emergency, please contact contact Myron Snider or call 412-422-1233.



Detailed Directions to the Cemetery
Detailed Directions #1


Via 62nd Street Bridge
Detailed Directions #2


Via US 376 - Rt 28
Cemetery Contact Information

Call Myron Snider 412-422-1233 today to reserve your plot or in an Emergency.

Got a question about the New Light Cemetery? Please fill our contact form and we will respond as soon as we can.

Pay Cemetery Invoice

A fee of 3% is added to all transactions to cover the credit card fees paid by the congregation. The invoice will say "TAX".

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